Bachelor Party Inspiration (Other than the Strip Club)

Bachelor Party Inspiration (Other than the Strip Club)

Bachelor Parties in Las Vegas are all about strip clubbing. However, nowadays people love to derive from this bygone idea and experience new things for their bachelor party experiences. Who can blame them? Drinks they offer are outrageously expensive at Strip Clubs, dances are overrated, non-intimate and pricy, theres probably a cover charge, and some sort of transportation fee and you rarely get the girl you want. Furthermore, Strip clubs are the best places to capture attention from outsiders. The quality of entertainment in Strip Clubs is questionable.

It’s a good idea to try out new ideas to celebrate your bachelor party. So here are some new ideas for you to try out for your bachelor party.

1. Bachelor Party Ideas for Those Who Like Adventure

When it comes to men, they love adventure. So why not try it out for a bachelor party. You can enjoy some adventurous activities with your buddies to get an exciting adrenaline rush. Skiing is a good experience if you want to share a unique trip with your friends in winter. White water Rafting, and Bungee Jumping are also some activities that you can get your excitement to the fullest. Waterpark, Go Karting, ZipLine, Shooting Range, SkyDive, Off Roading and Dune Bugging are some other ideas for those who want to enjoy their bachelor parties with a manly vibe.

2. Bachelor Party Ideas for Those Who Like Outdoors

Outdoor functions are always exciting, so it would be a good idea for those who want to hold the bachelor party in a different manner. Fishing Trip or arranging a Camping trip would be great to spend your last hours of celibacy. Further you can rent a Cabin or a RV to relax with your friends in a beautiful outdoor location.

3. Bachelor Party Ideas for Those Who Like To Drink/Party

Who wouldn’t love to drink when holding a party? – especially when it comes to a bachelor party. It’s obvious that drinking and partying is unlikely to not happen but for those who want to mainly focus on these two, it’s very easy to arrange a novel version of bachelor parties. Clubs, Bars and Bar Crawls are undoubtedly some places where you can go for this. Whiskey Tasting or a Brewery Tour would be a totally new idea to hold a bachelor party. Music Festivals and Concerts are also occasions where you can enjoy a lot.

4. Bachelor Party Ideas For Those That Like Sports

Golf is a game that the gentlemen can enjoy and watching UFC would also work. Going to a local game can strengthen the bond with your colleagues.

5. Bachelor Party Ideas For Those That Like To Travel

Booking destination getaway, renting a beach house or a yacht, going on a road Trip, and visiting Las Vegas are some of the greatest ideas you can have for a bachelor party as a passionate traveler.

6. Bachelor Party Ideas for Those that Like Stripping, But Hate Strip Clubs

If you do want to include strippers, but HATE strip clubs – the best thing you can do is to go for Private strippers that will come directly to your room or airbnb.

Private in-room strippers are slowly growing in popularity over strip clubs in Las Vegas 2022. Private stripper events offer adult entertainment via stripteases, erotic games, exotic private dances, and other themed party events in the privacy of your own room, suite, or rented home. Choose the dancers you want, the music you want to play, the people you want there, our costs is preset, the package are customizable, all in the comfortability of your own spot! Hiring private-in room models allows you to enjoy the moment with the performers YOU want, doing all kinds of the fun erotic games, private showings and toy play, and pretty much anything else you desire. We try to be extremely accommodating her at Vegas Stripper Party (VSP).

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