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Planning an Unforgettable Bachelor Party

So you’ve been put in charge for planning your bro’s Las Vegas Bachelor extravaganza!  Now what?  You’ve probably come to the realization that planning your Las Vegas Bachelor Party is not all fun and games.  You have to make all the arrangements for where to the party is going to be, the activities to include, the itinerary, transportation and more.  You are responsible if the party is a dud or not, and we’ve seen some pretty interesting Bachelor Party Fails here in Vegas.

Las Vegas is one giant adult playground with some of the best dining, scenery and entertainment options in the entire world, making it one of the best places in the States for a bachelor party.  Since the options are so broad, its hard to narrow down exactly what to make time for during your trip to Sin City.

Often, we see parties come to town and go too fast and too hard right out of the gate, making the second part of their trip less enjoyable than the first. Pace yourself, plan ahead, and think smart. For example, if you have plan on hitting one of Vegas’s infamous pool parties in the afternoon, it may not be a good idea to plan a night out drinking at Vegas’ world-renowned clubs that evening.  By following these simple guidelines and the Pro-Tips outlined below, we promise you your Vegas Bachelor Party experience will be LEGENDARY.

Pro-Tip #1: Pack sunscreen, stay hydrated, and set some time ahead to recharge and rest. Its hot here. We are in the middle of the desert.

Pro-Tip #2: Stock up on supplies when you come in. What should your supply list intel? We have a few ideas to get those brain juices flowing…

  • Recreational Marijuana
  • Water or Pedialyte
  • Portable Charger
  • Swimsuit
  • Ibuprofen
  • Cigars
  • Condoms
  • Alka Seltzer
  • Cheap digital camera
  • Booze
  • Cash
  • Drinking Games

Note: Getting these different items are 10x more expensive on the strip than off. Las Vegas has a ton of surrounding areas that are safe to travel to and are within 10/15 minutes of the strip.  These towns include: Summerlin, Henderson, Centennial Hills, The Lakes, Rancho Charleston, and Whitney Ranch.  Try to avoid Northern Vegas and North-West Vegas as a general rule of thumb.  Rent a car, or get an uber to drive you to a surrounding area to  shop.  Better yet, bring everything you need with you! Planning ahead is key.

Pro-Tip #3: Rent out a dope car. Rent out a supercar and drive it on one of Las Vegas’ racetracks, or take it for a spin and visit the Hoover Dam or drive through the scenic trail at Red Rock Canyon (gorgeous scenery just twenty minutes from the strip!). Cops are strict in Vegas and do look for opportunities to ticket those driving these ridiculous cars, so be smart and keep an eye out!

Pro-Tip #4: See some shows during your stay in Vegas! We have some of the best entertainers in the world performing every night.  Absinthe is a must see if you’re looking for some recommendations!

Pro-Tip #5: Here in Vegas, we rep Golden Knights attire and we love the Las Vegas Raiders. Book a seat at the Raider’s “Death Star” stadium or see a hockey game, court side with full access to the bar within Vegas’s T-Mobile stadium.

Pro-Tip #6: For a more personal experience. Rent out private strippers to come to your hotel room.  Strip clubs are fun, but they are strip clubs.  Enjoy some privacy and quality time with the boys in your own hotel suite! To help schedule a party, VSP is our recommendation. Check out VSP package page for more info!  As a general rule of thumb, avoid the strip clubs.  We aren’t talking about the clubs that are on the strip, we are talking about the clubs where strippers entertain you. The clubs are notoriously overpriced and your cover charge is probably going to be $50 a head at least. The drinks are going to be three times the price of a normal bar, and they aren’t going to be very strong. The girls are going to only spend minimal time with you unless you are spending a ton of money on them, that’s the way the clubs work.

Pro-Tip #7: Get to the Club. Even if you’re not a “club person,” Vegas is the perfect place to experience one if you’re feeling adventurous. Hakkasan Nightclub is the best in town and features world-class DJs and acts like Tiesto, Zedd, Lil John, and Crankdat. They recently installed an insane LED ceiling grid that moves in mind-bending ways, and the light show itself is one of the most mesmerizing things you’ll witness on your trip. If you’re really into the EDM scene, you’ll probably be fine with general admission. But we think Hakkasan is a much better experience when enjoyed at a reserved table so you can really get the VIP treatment.

Pro-Tip #8: Weed is legal in Las Vegas, but you can’t legally smoke in your hotel room (although people do it all the time). To avoid any conflicts for you stoners out there, maybe consider a private Airbnb!  Better than getting tossed from a hotel, and our Airbnb selection is superb.

Pro-Tip #9: Gamble anywhere and Everywhere.  Beginners luck is absolutely a thing here in Vegas, we see it every night.

For more information, check out Vegas Stripper Party (VSP) Bachelor Party Guide.

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Vegas Style Bachelor Party

Are you coming to Vegas and looking to experience everything the city has to offer? As the party capital of the world, Vegas is the obvious destination for that crazy bachelor party that you and your group will never forget. Some people are worried with the state of the world at the moment, that Vegas just isn’t as fun as it once was, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Vegas has just taken the party from the club and brought it to your private hotel room or Vegas suite. The new trend in Las Vegas right now is private stripper parties. Do we have your attention now? 

Vegas Stripper Party has the best real Vegas strippers and can get them to your door in an hour flat. Check out our hottest packages: the Bachelor Party Package will make your bachelor the center of attention, while your guests will love the interactive games with some of the sexiest Vegas strippers. Our Lesbian Party Package is also a customer favorite, as it brings every man’s fantasy to life right in your Vegas hotel room. This hot girl-on-girl action is a must-have for any birthday party, bachelor party or guy’s night out. Looking for something even bigger? We’ve got you covered. With our VIP Package, we will supply you with as many strippers as you can handle, and will include a luxury Vegas penthouse and limo transportation to really take this erotic show to the next level. Talk to our Las Vegas party planners today to find out how we can customize this package to fit your needs. 

If you’re looking to plan a wild bachelor party or are just looking to let loose in the city that never sleeps, Vegas Stripper Party is here to create an experience that you and your group are guaranteed be talking about for years to come. 

Best Vegas Bachelor Party


If there’s anything we have learned during these difficult times, it is that life continues to move forward. Just like the rest of the world, Las Vegas feels a little different right now, but Vegas is still the party capital of the world and the best place to throw the hottest bachelor party. Vegas Stripper Party is here to ensure it is a night that you and your group will never forget.  

Not only will Vegas Stripper Party bring the party right to your Vegas hotel room, but we can book the best Vegas hotel suites the city has to offer. Our party planners have all of the best connections, so we know how to get you the best luxury penthouse suites in Vegas, including limo transportation, and as many strippers as you can handle. If you can dream it, we can make it happen. 

Top Things to Do in Vegas for a Bachelor Party 

We know how to throw a party Vegas style, and can guarantee it will be a night that you and your group will be talking about for years to come. We have many seductive packages for you to choose from, including our hot Lesbian Party, our Solo Stripper Party, our VIP Package, and of course, our unforgettable Vegas Bachelor Party. Our Vegas Bachelor Party package is a must, and will ensure that the bachelor will be the center of attention and have the time of his life. 

Our Vegas strippers know what they are doing. They are not only the hottest Vegas strippers, but they also know how to have a good time. The Vegas Bachelor Party package includes interactive games, and of course, the steamy bachelor show. 

If you think you’re ready for the real Vegas bachelor party experience, Vegas Stripper Party is here to make all of your dreams come true.  For more information on everything related to Bachelor Parties, check out VSP’s Bachelor Party Guide!

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Tips and Tricks for The Perfect Vegas Vacation

Wow, what a crazy 2020! As we look toward the future, we are predicting a slammed summer 2021 once Vegas is safe to run on all cylinders again. As news of new vaccines begin to roll out, we are seeing a dramatic increase in clients calling and booking for the upcoming spring and summer months. That is why its imperative that if you are considering coming to Vegas for that unforgettable bachelor or birthday party BOOK AHEAD!  

For those of you looking for tips and tricks for your next Vegas adventure, here are our top five recommendations for planning the perfect Vegas Visit!

  1. Book Early and Book Fast! Vegas clubs, entertainment facilities and airlines are boasting some crazy deals to drive business.  Book now and enjoy the fruits of your labor when its safe to travel!
  2. Check out some off the strip fun! Did you know we have Lake Las Vegas and Red Rock just 20 minutes from the strip?! A fun day of jet skiing and cliff jumping before heading back to the strip is just what is needed after a long quarantine. 
  3. Research which amazing restaurants you want to eat at and make reservations before getting into town, restaurant seating might be staggered for a bit so our already slammed restaurants will fill up even faster. Our personal favorites are Sinatra at the Encore, STK at Cosmopolitan, and for Sushi nothing beats Nobu at Caesars palace.  If you need a hand scheduling your trip try this recommended company! 
  4. For larger groups renting a vacation home through Airbnb can save tons of money and is way more practical. It’s hard for hotels to guarantee a row of rooms can all be together and there are some gorgeous homes and mansions available for rent for cheaper than you might think. 
  5. Of course our main recommendation is skipping the overpriced (and overcrowded) strip clubs and hiring us for your adult entertainment section of your trip. We offer discounted rates, and you can have the option of different girls and different shows every night of your trip. Head over to VSP’s Package Page to research the different shows you can select from.  We are the highest rated strippers in all of Las Vegas so remember it’s time to start planning ahead for that perfect summer vacation. Call VSP today for more tips and advice on making your summer one to remember. 
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Are the Strip Clubs Open in Las Vegas?

The mandatory shutdowns and travel restrictions implemented back in March 2020 shook the city to its core, and for a while, Vegas just didn’t feel like Vegas. Driving down the empty Strip was an eerie sight. The city was a shell of its former self, and for a while it seemed like Vegas was going under. But the party capital of the world can’t just stop on a dime. People still need a place to let loose and shake off the stress of their everyday lives and Vegas is still that place. Vegas didn’t close; it just pivoted. 

At the moment, most Strip Clubs in Las Vegas are either closed or limiting their services, including some of the best strip clubs, such as Spearmint Rhino, Sapphires, Crazy Horse III and Treasures. But that doesn’t mean your plans have to be put on hold until Vegas returns to normal. If you can’t come to the party, the party will come to you. We’re talking about fully nude, private stripper parties. We bring the fun directly to your hotel room, to create an intimate, sensual atmosphere you just can’t get at the club. It’s all the fun and excitement that Vegas has to offer, without the hassle of a crowded club full of strangers. 

This is the way the elite of Las Vegas have always partied, and for good reason. Even before the mandated shutdowns were in place, nobody wants to be crammed into a club with a bunch of strange men, hoping to get the attention of a few girls. The experience just isn’t all it’s hyped up to be. It’s understandable that most people don’t know about the full range of possibilities available to them, because they have never been shown anything different. But once you get a taste of what Vegas can truly be like, there’s just no going back.  

We offer everything from Bachelor Packages to Lesbian Girl-on-Girl Parties, and everything in between. If you are looking to have the hottest Vegas strippers brought directly to your door, Vegas Stripper Party is here to make it happen. This will be an experience that you and your group won’t soon forget.

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The Show Must Go On

So, you’re coming to Vegas, and you’ve already decided you’re going to be throwing a fully nude stripper party. Nice choice! But you can’t spend all your time in a hotel room with strippers. So what else is there to do in the City of Lights right now? 

Are Restaurants Still Open in Las Vegas? 

Yes, the amazing restaurants that Vegas is known for are still open. However, because of social distancing guidelines, many of them are working at reduced capacities, but if anything, that makes the overall experience more enjoyable. Now you won’t have to worry about being crammed into a tiny table 6 inches away from another group, while having to yell over 100 other conversations. The atmosphere is less chaotic and you’re getting a better experience for your money. 

Important Side Note: Make reservations beforehand! 

Because these restaurants are working at limited capacities, waiting times are longer than ever. Without a reservation, you can expect to wait hours before being seated, if you are lucky enough to even be given a table. You will need to plan ahead of time where and when you will eat if you want to go to some of the most sought-after spots in Vegas. 


Can You Still Gamble in Las Vegas? 

Of course you can still gamble in Vegas! There was just no way Vegas was going to close down its gaming. Many casinos have reopened and implemented major changes to ensure the health and safety of their customers. Slot machines are socially distanced and regularly sanitized, and casino gaming tables now have limits to the number of players per table. But gaming is back up and in full swing again! 


What Shows are Available in Las Vegas? 

Multiple casinos, including the MGM, Caesar’s Palace, and the Cosmopolitan have announced that as of November 2020, they have reopened a number of their shows. Select shows, such as David Copperfield, Carrot Top and Absinthe, are still available to give you that full Vegas experience you’re looking for.  

If there’s anything we have learned from this, it is that Vegas has a life of its own and cannot just be shut down. The city needed some time to assess the situation and regroup, but is now coming back stronger than ever. What’s better than dinner, a show, some gambling, and a hotel room full of strippers? Not much. If you’re coming to Vegas and ready for the experience of a lifetime, Vegas Stripper Party is here to make it happen. Want more information on VSP Packages and deal!? 

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Strip Club vs Private Stripper Party Experience

Did you really go to Vegas if you didn’t get the full Vegas stripper experience? Any party is just better with strippers. It’s a fact. So, you have already decided that strippers are a key ingredient to an unforgettable night in Vegas, but should you and your group hit the Vegas strip clubs or have a fully nude, private stripper party of your own? There are some key differences which need to be considered before making this decision.

Vegas Strip Club Experience

Going to a strip club in Vegas might seem like the obvious go-to for a bachelor party or boy’s night out, but the overall experience isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. One thing to keep in mind is you won’t see the girls beforehand, and believe me, not all Vegas strippers are created equal. Picture this. It’s a Saturday night and you’re in a crowded strip club, fighting for the attention of the one girl you like amongst a group of strange men, but she is already busy because every guy has their eyes on her. So you wait patiently for your turn, but in the meantime, you’re fending off the strippers that should have retired their stripper heels 25 years ago.

After some time, the girl you like finally approaches you. Unfortunately, before you can get to the fun, you have to negotiate a price with her. The bare minimum for a cheap lap dance in Vegas is $20 upfront, but it is expected that you tip at least another $20. So, for a mediocre, 3-minute lap dance, you’ve already spent a minimum of $40. But she’s not happy with that price because she understands the basics of supply and demand. You settle on $100 all in for 5 minutes. This is an average price at the best strip clubs in Las Vegas. Spending $100 for 5 minutes is just not a good investment.

Private Stripper Party

Compared to a night at the strip club, a private, fully nude stripper party has its definite perks. This is the VIP experience that a Vegas gentlemen’s club just can’t provide. Firstly, there’s no guessing whether or not the girls will be attractive because you can browse their pictures online before they come to your room. What you see is what you get.

We bring the party to you in the privacy of your own hotel room. This cuts out the unnecessary crowds of men all fighting for the attention of the few hot girls in the club. Need girls fast? Vegas Stripper Party can have real Vegas strippers to your room in an hour flat. And best of all, there’s no negotiation over prices with the girls, and no hidden fees. After you choose your package and pick your girls, there’s no need to worry about haggling over tips and lap dances. You and your group can just sit back and enjoy the unforgettable night you have ahead.

This is how the elite party for a reason. These are the hottest strippers Vegas has to offer, all brought directly to your door, with no crowds and no hassle. A private stripper party just takes the Vegas experience to the next level. If you’re looking for the true VIP experience you and your group will be talking about for years to come, Vegas Stripper Party is here to make it happen.

Interested in booking a private stripper event!? Look at VSP Package Deals or Contact VSP today!

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The Couple Strip Club Experience

Las Vegas, one of the most lust-driven capitals of the world.  It only makes sense that coming to Vegas as a couple can be a fun way to celebrate a honeymoon, anniversary or any time you want a little sexy couple’s time.

Sooner or later, the topic is going to come up for you; “Honey, would you want to go to the strip club?”   After all, Vegas is known for strippers and everyone knows getting a lap dance is a great way to loosen up and have some fun as a couple, or at least they should!

It goes without saying that there are a predominate demographic of people that do not enjoy strip clubs as much (woman in particular).  Cigarette smoke blowing around, large rambunctious crowds, super loud music; the environment can be overwhelming for anyone.  Believe us, we’ve seen our fair share of couples fighting in the strip club and we know there’s no need for your romantic night to be spoiled by situations out of your control.

Well we have a solution for you! In-room hotel strippers may be the perfect solution to having a fun, spontaneous, and sexy night without unnecessary drama.  You have the option of picking the girl(s) you would like from our page and we will have them sent directly to your room!  We can discuss specifics; do you want it full-on raunchy, or maybe subtle seduction, or somewhere in-between. Sorry guys, rule of thumb here is we ALWAYS go with the female’s preference level.

Get yourself a bottle or two, slip into something comfy, and relax until we arrive.  Once we arrive, the show’s not over until you say so. We can schedule as much time as you need so enjoy yourself!

All of our shows are customizable.  We want to make this experience absolutely perfect for the both of you! From the ambiance, the music, the handpicked entertainer and the show itself, we make sure you both are happy and comfortable the entire time.

Interested in booking a private stripper event!? Look at VSP Package Deals or Contact VSP today!