10 Mistakes Guys Make at the Strip Club in 2022

10 Mistakes Guys Make at the Strip Club in 2022

Las Vegas is the party city capitol of the world, with famous strip clubs built to satisfy any group’s/party’s needs and desires.  There are PLENTY of mistakes first-timers (and even seasoned veterans) make that ruin a groups Las Vegas strip club experience.

After you have dressed to impress, watch out for these mistakes:

Being Rude to Dancers, Servers, and staff

For a night life to be at equilibrium there must be service givers and receivers. In most cases, there are some rude customers who think that having cash gives them access to being rude to the dancers and general club staff. This is a wrong notion and should be avoided by all means. Being friendly to dancers guarantees better services at no extra cost.

Failing to Respect the Strip Club Rules

Every club has its own set of rules to ensure safety of the staff and customers, which if ignored might bring about night-ending consequences. These rules avoid skirmishes that break out often in these types of clubs. It’s imperative to understand the set rules laid out by the establishment.  In any club, respect is paramount.

Forgetting to check prices up-front

Ask for prices before you order any package. In some instances, customers are forced to leave behind personal items as collateral. Don’t be that guy. Inquire the prices before you order that VIP service. And remember, a luxurious package doesn’t mean optimum enjoyment, rather you can enjoy even more with a cheaper affordable package that fits your means.

Trying to snag a sexy photo or video

Taking photos and nudes of strippers in a strip club is just insane. You don’t want to lose your new iPhone, right? Then make sure you tuck your phone in your pocket and ensue you switch it off if possible. Enjoy living in the moment for once.

Bringing a date who doesn’t want to be there

Why should you force a strip vibe on someone who wants a dinner date? Having a date who seems out of place might also demotivate you and make you a party pooper before the event ends. Try as much a possible to learn your date’s body language to ascertain that they are enjoying the show as you. If not, don’t bother bringing her to the club. Negative vibes are a turn off in a strip club.

Not tipping stage entertainment

Motivation is the key to optimal enjoyment. By tipping a dancer, you give her more energy and more momentum to perform her best. Who doesn’t like a little appreciation here and there?

Skipping the VIP Experience

As much as we are made to believe that having VIP packages is a boss move; There’s more to it than fun and money intertwined. Don’t always go for the VIP package where you are only given the best of their choice, go out and choose what allures your best.

Being too Shy for a lap dance

There is no shame in having wild and hot lap dances from strippers. Choose a stripper who you are comfortable with.

Not taking advantage of amenities

You pay for everything in the club when you purchase any service from the club. Most strip clubs in Las Vegas have secret and private amenities at your disposal. Make sure you enjoy them to the maximum.

Not Finding Something Better!

The pandemic has caused a big blow to strip clubs. You have to keep your distance, and strippers need to wear masks. Regulars have stopped visiting strip clubs because the prices are high. Also, there is no adult fun originality.

Private Stripper parties have only increased in popularity. If you hire Las Vegas private strippers, you are to enforce your rules in your room. Besides, you can create your ultimate and true fantasy.

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