15 Tips For Booking A Stripper Direct To Your Hotel In Las Vegas

15 Tips For Booking A Stripper Direct To Your Hotel In Las Vegas

Think Las Vegas, and what comes to mind? Gambling, bright lights, and of course, strippers. If you’re looking to add extra excitement to your trip, booking a Las Vegas in-room strippers directly to your hotel is the way to go. You can enjoy all kinds of exotic dancers, so there’s no need to worry about not getting the right type for your party. 

This blog post will discuss tips on ensuring you have an enjoyable and memorable experience in Las Vegas. Just make sure you have some privacy because these babes can get naughty! 

Let’s get started!


1- Transportation/Convenience

Taking transportation and convenience into account when booking a Las Vegas in-room stripper for a private performance in your hotel room is vital. You may consider booking a stripper to stay at the same hotel as you. This way, you won’t have to worry about transportation or changing places. 


2- Dancer Selection 

Dancer selection is a great tip when you book a stripper directly to your hotel in Las Vegas. You can usually find various girls to choose from, and it’s a great way to add some spice to your vacation. Just ensure you’re comfortable with the girl you select and that she is willing to do what you want. Otherwise, it could turn into a very costly mistake.


3- Stripper Pricing

When you book a Las Vegas stripper to your room through an agency, you are typically charged a standard rate plus a tip. However, the pricing is usually just a service charge when you book a stripper directly to your hotel room. Direct booking of your stripper can save you money over agency bookings.


4- Party Env

Ask about the Party Env package if you are looking to book Strippers to my room in Las Vegas for a private party. You can have the stripper come directly to your hotel room, and the party will be even more fun!


5- Avoid Using Classifieds or Directory Websites

When booking Vegas bachelor party strippers, avoid using classifieds or directory websites. There are many of these websites that offer low-quality services. It is always best to book through a reliable source that you can trust. You can be assured of receiving the best service.


6-  Watch Out for Street Promoters

Las Vegas street promoters often offer strip club access and transportation “deals” when planning a night out. Many of these offers are not legitimate and can cost you more in the long run. It’s always best to book your strippers directly to your hotel. 


7- Watch Out for VIP Hosts

You should watch out for VIP hosts when booking a stripper to visit your hotel room in Las Vegas. You may be charged exorbitant fees or, even worse, get subpar service from these people. Ensure a good experience by booking with a reputable company.


8- Avoid Fake Social Media Pages

Beware of fake social media pages when booking a Las Vegas in-room stripper. Many fake pages are created by scammers looking to take your money without delivering on their promises. To avoid being scammed, only book strippers from trusted sources.


9- Beware of Pimps in Las Vegas

Strippers that come directly to your hotel in Las Vegas may be pimped. The Pimp will often pose as an independent stripper to exploit unsuspecting customers in reputable agencies.


10- Avoid Scam Artists

Avoid scam artists if you want a stripper to perform in your Las Vegas hotel room. A scam artist may ask for payment upfront, refuse to provide information about themselves or their company, and be evasive about pricing and services.

11- Affiliate warning

There’s a chance that the stripper you see in the pictures may not be the one who arrives at your hotel room. Direct booking with a strip club is best, as you will be guaranteed to get the stripper you see in the photos.

12- Leave the Strippers at the Club

Even though it seems like a good idea at the time, it is not worth the hassle and potential drama that can accompany it. Rather than worry about what happens when the stripper leaves, you are better off enjoying Las Vegas strip clubs.

13- Use Licensed Stripper Agency

When booking a stripper in Las Vegas, it’s best to use a licensed agency. Thus, you can ensure that the stripper you are hiring is professional and will provide an enjoyable experience. Plus, it’s always good to support licensed and regulated businesses.

14- Don’t fall for Bad Websites

You must be aware of bad websites when you book Las Vegas bachelor party strippers. You may be overcharged or not receive the stripper you originally booked on some sites. Ensure you book with a reputable place to avoid disappointments.

15- Payment Methods

When booking a stripper for a private show in your hotel room, remember a few things. First, always use a credit card. It is the safest way to ensure you will not be ripped off. Secondly, tip generously. The stripper will appreciate it, and you will get a better show. 

Finally, remember that the Las Vegas in-room stripper is there to entertain you. Don’t be a creep and make her uncomfortable. If you follow these tips, you will have a great time.

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