Best Suites In Las Vegas For Bachelor Parties

Best Suites In Las Vegas For Bachelor Parties

When you’re about to get married, you worry about all the arrangements; the hall, the seating arrangement, the cake, the food, and about the guests, but the one thing that is not on your mind is the bachelor party. Honestly, there is no party like a Bachelor’s Party, and what place could be better than Las Vegas?  

Also, since what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is the real thing, are you ready to have the party of your life? If you just felt a spark and nodded, let’s check out some amazing Vegas bachelor party suites that allow all the fun and comfort! 

Skyline Suite  

One of the suites Vegas has to offer is the Skyline Suite of MGM Grand. The suite is a two-story luxury penthouse that gives a scenic view of the whole city. The suite comes with an in-room dining facility, entertainment hub, a spa tub, and a flat large screen, which makes you want to stay inside the room all the time. Not to forget, the amazing casinos of the Grand are worth gambling for. Ranging from the best crowd to the best tables – MGM Grand has it all. The more money you spend, the better VIP service you can achieve at the Grand. 

Aria Sky Suites  

If you are planning to spend your time while sitting in the room and still have a good time, then Aria Sky Suites should be at the top of your list. The room can be as huge as 7000 square feet, which comes with multiple huge screens to keep your party going with a range of pump-up songs. The in-room dining service will get your steaks to your room and the whiskeys too because who got time to leave the party and go downstairs, right? The bathroom is equipped with a spa tub that’s big enough for your plus-one, if you get lucky.  

Hardwood Suite  

The Hardwood Suite at the Palms is the best and by far our favorite suite of all. It has a billiards table, a party room big enough for 350 people, and huge Shaq-sized beds that pop out the walls and have a little hoop on the top. All the other basic in-room services, bed and bath services are included. The casinos are equally amazing, and you might even end up partying with some Hollywood celebrities since they all hang out there!   

What To Consider When Going To Vegas For A Bachelor Party? 

So, you’ve got the perfect suite or hotel for bachelor parties that you want to book but is that all? No, soon-to-be-married guy! 

Having said that, let’s check out some important points of consideration before you board that plane to this party city; 

  • Make sure your group doesn’t exceed the count of ten, so you don’t have split because that ruins all the fun  
  • Since you will be drinking every night (yes, you will!), don’t make the morning time activities and keep all the fun for the night  
  • Have some girls around if you want to sign up for the nightclub and pool parties because the only-boys groups aren’t allowed 
  • Don’t forget to use Clark County Jail’s online person search if one of your guys goes missing (it happens a lot when you are drunk!) 

So, pack your bags and make this party worthwhile before you pop that ring up! 

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