Hiring private, in-room Bachelor Party Strippers

Hiring private, in-room Bachelor Party Strippers

When going to Las Vegas for a bachelor party, getting Vegas bachelor party strippers is a long-standing tradition. What is the best way to experience bachelor party strippers? Traditionally, most will decide to go to a popular local strip club. However, bachelor’s party packages at strip clubs do not include any time with the ladies. In a strip club, you are the subject of a hustle routine. You will find yourself flagging down girls to get their attention.

A better way to spend your money and time is to book a private stripper party. This way, you can enjoy strippers in a more intimate and comfortable environment. You discuss the rate and time in advance so you know exactly what you get.

Benefits of hiring Las Vegas Private Strippers

Girl Selection

It’s one of the biggest pros when booking Las Vegas Strippers for a bachelor party. With private strippers, you can see and select the girls and advance to come to your hotel room. You get the exact type of girl you want compared to the strip club, where girls are often dividing their attention with other guests.


With a private stripper party, the environment is generally more intimate and safer. The girls will focus on showing you a great time. You make the experience as you want. You control the music you want to listen to and even the number of people. In a stripper club, you have no control.


A private stripper provide a more personalized and intimate experience for a Las Vegas stripper bachelor party than in a strip club. You have more control on how you want the strippers to perform.  Play sexy interactive games, enjoy erotic toy shows, or experience a fetish shower with strippers in the privacy of your own controlled space. At strip clubs, you will be at the mercy of what the venue will allow.

What’s Cheaper

Private strippers may sound expensive, but that is not necessarily true. With strip clubs, Alcohol usually costs more. Be prepared to ask in advance what the drink prices are so you know what you are getting into. With private strippers, you are in full control of the setting and the drinks. All add-ons are optional, and you won’t need to pay a premium on alcohol to have a good time. After all, Las Vegas strip clubs need to be profitable and cover the cost of the venue and the entertainer, and you will be the one paying for it. Generally, you will find yourself spending more on unnecessary things in a strip club than in your private room.

 What to look for in a Private Stripper Agency

Look for a private stripper from a licensed reputable business. Do not hire strippers from sites like Craigslist, adult search, eros, and Backpage. Ensure you have a good time by prioritizing quality. At Vegas Stripper Party, we are a licensed and fully insured business and provide real photos of our strippers. This way, there are no questions of who will show up and are approved in advance.

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