Nyotaimori Naked Sushi – An Exotic Dining Experience

Nyotaimori Naked Sushi – An Exotic Dining Experience

Want to have an exotic sushi experience? If you want to make your event memorable and exciting, there is nothing better than trying the Japanese culture of serving Sushi. 

Sounds different?  To learn more about this unique concept of Nyotaimori naked sushi, read on until the end.

What is Nyotaimori?

Nyotaimori is a Japanese tradition of serving Sushi on the female body. This way is also known as naked Sushi because a naked female model is used as a serving platter for Sushi. Often, a male body is also used to serve the Sushi, but it will be called ‘Nantaimori.’

Is it Naked Sushi Hygienic?

Usually, people have this concern regarding Sushi being served like this. Though, it entirely depends on the management and establishment of the restaurant or service. Likewise, any accredited naked sushi service should maintain strict checks and measures to ensure health standards. Furthermore, to ensure everything is clean and hygienic before serving to the guests, the model is bound to wash thoroughly with unscented soap.

What are the Procedures Involved in Nyotaimori Naked Sushi?

Generally, in the traditional Nyotaimori way, the model (regardless of male or female) is expected to lay on the serving table without moving and is deterred to have conversations with the guests – unless the guest initiates. 

Subsequently, the Sushi is placed on the sanitized palm leaves placed on the flat body parts so that the Sushi won’t roll down. Nyotaimori body Sushi is considered an artistic way of serving food and is enjoyed in different parts of the world.

Typically, sake and champagne are served in such restaurants. Guests and visitors must maintain the restaurant’s respectful behavior and strict etiquette. Inappropriate gestures or disrespectful comments to the models are strictly prohibited, and guests are only allowed to pick up the Sushi with chopsticks. 

History of Nyotaimori Body Sushi

The origin of Nyotaimori began in Wakamezake food play during the Edo period. Later, this practice was fueled by Japan’s economic growth in the 1960s, when spring resorts used this technique for advertising purposes.

Moreover, the practice became more popular in the 1980s when various catering establishments frequently adopted it as an exotic attraction. 

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