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Vegas Stripper Show

So, you’re coming to Vegas, and you’ve already decided you’re going to be throwing a fully nude stripper party. Nice choice! But you can’t spend all your time in a hotel room with strippers. So what else is there to do in the City of Lights right now? 

Are Restaurants Still Open in Las Vegas? 

Yes, the amazing restaurants that Vegas is known for are still open. However, because of social distancing guidelines, many of them are working at reduced capacities, but if anything, that makes the overall experience more enjoyable. Now you won’t have to worry about being crammed into a tiny table 6 inches away from another group, while having to yell over 100 other conversations. The atmosphere is less chaotic and you’re getting a better experience for your money. 

Important Side Note: Make reservations beforehand! 

Because these restaurants are working at limited capacities, waiting times are longer than ever. Without a reservation, you can expect to wait hours before being seated, if you are lucky enough to even be given a table. You will need to plan ahead of time where and when you will eat if you want to go to some of the most sought-after spots in Vegas. 


Can You Still Gamble in Las Vegas? 

Of course you can still gamble in Vegas! There was just no way Vegas was going to close down its gaming. Many casinos have reopened and implemented major changes to ensure the health and safety of their customers. Slot machines are socially distanced and regularly sanitized, and casino gaming tables now have limits to the number of players per table. But gaming is back up and in full swing again! 


What Shows are Available in Las Vegas? 

Multiple casinos, including the MGM, Caesar’s Palace, and the Cosmopolitan have announced that as of November 2020, they have reopened a number of their shows. Select shows, such as David Copperfield, Carrot Top and Absinthe, are still available to give you that full Vegas experience you’re looking for.  

If there’s anything we have learned from this, it is that Vegas has a life of its own and cannot just be shut down. The city needed some time to assess the situation and regroup, but is now coming back stronger than ever. What’s better than dinner, a show, some gambling, and a hotel room full of strippers? Not much. If you’re coming to Vegas and ready for the experience of a lifetime, Vegas Stripper Party is here to make it happen. Want more information on VSP Packages and deal!? 

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