Why Choose Private Stripper Parties Over The Strip Club in 2022

Private Stripper Party Las Vegas

There are many ways you can celebrate your bachelors’ party in Las Vegas. But, the majority have no idea what it’s like to have a private stripper party. Private stripper parties are where an entertainer comes to your party at your convenience or in your rental. You and guests will get treated to a strip club experience. The girl will do all kinds of adult dancing, games, tricks, and much more. You also have control of the music to play.

What’s Safer; Private Stripper Parties or a Strip Club?

The fact is most strip clubs are safe, although not like a private stripper party. You can only walk in a strip club when it’s open and when they schedule the dancers. But with the private stripper, you control the time and length of the session.

With strip clubs, you will be competing with other clients. They are public businesses, and the time they open may not fit your schedule. Still, it gets messy if your buddy gets too drunk, he can screw everything up. It is the opposite with a private party. You will ensure your drunken friend is taken care of and he is safe. The stripper will also be safe and have nothing to worry about.

There are so many benefits to having strippers come to your room instead of going to the crowded strip clubs in Las Vegas!

  • Purchase your liquor and drink preferences beforehand and avoid the crazy spiked prices associated with the strip club’s watered down drinks.
  • No Lines.
  • No surprise entry fees.
  • Safety, especially amongst Covid. Staying in a clean room with people you know is a must.
  • Personal attention from our performers instead of being seen as another guy at the club.
  • You wont have to compete with the million other tourists trying to get a dance.
  • Wont have to leave the room and deal with the issue of transportation to and from your hotel.
  • Privacy.

It’s inconvenient to leave your weekend rental to go to a strip club. But, it’s convenient to have Las Vegas private strippers come to you. It involves a lot of things organize a bachelor party. Not to mention how it’s a challenge to control the party-goers into doing anything.

Some are impatient because they want to go on with the fun. Some have different destinations in their minds. It’s safer for a stripper to come to you and avoid these problems. Let guests come running when girls show up rather than rounding them to go out.

What’s Cheaper: Private Stripper Party or a Strip Club?

Hiring Las Vegas private stripper is cheaper than walking in a strip club. You have to pay to get in strip clubs, pay girls to get your attention, and the drinks are overpriced. The amount you spent in a strip club is enough to cover private dance and remain with some cash.

Benefits of booking private strippers

Private strippers concentrate on your party. Contrary to strippers at clubs that are not focused on your party.

Strip clubs are depressing places that don’t make you comfortable. But booking a private stripper in your rental or home is safe and secure. The environment in a strip club, for instance, may not encourage you to have a good time.

The experience of a private stripper party is better than the ugly scenes in a strip club. The level of personalized services and attention private strippers delivers are the best.


The pandemic has caused a big blow to strip clubs. You have to keep your distance, and strippers need to wear masks. Regulars have stopped visiting strip clubs because the prices are high. Also, there is no adult fun originality.

Private parties have increased. If you hire Las Vegas private strippers, you are to enforce your rules in your room. Besides, you can create your ultimate and true fantasy.

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