Las vegas Nudity Laws 2022

Guide to Nudity Laws in 2022 Las Vegas

For good reason, Las Vegas is referred to as “Sin City.” Exotic adult entertainment is advertised on every corner for travelers to see. There are a lot of strip clubs and private stripper parties in the area that cater to individuals who want to have some adult fun. 

What is Considered Nude?

You can be arrested for indecent exposure in Las Vegas, NV. Nevada law defines the crime of indecent exposure as exposing one’s genitalia or anus in public or in a private place open to public view. Under NRS 201.220, a first offense violation is a gross misdemeanor punishable by up to 364 days in jail and up to $2,000 in fines.  Full nakedness in public places is thus an offense, even for a Vegas visitor.

Topless and Nude Clubs

Although exotic dancing is permitted in Nevada, the types of nudity and touching permitted are strictly limited. Strip clubs can be divided into two categories:

  • A topless club: A place where strippers perform adult entertainment, mostly in the form of striptease or other exotic dance entertainment. They work naked from the waist up, meaning they show their breasts.
  • Adult nightclubs are legally defined as fully naked strip clubs. Nude Vegas Stripper Clubs can have completely naked dancers.

Also, topless clubs in Las Vegas can sell alcohol, whereas totally nude clubs cannot. This is one of the main distinctions between the two types of clubs on the Strip.

Penalties For Breaking The Law

Travelers should bear in mind that if a defendant has a history of committing sex crimes, the severity of their penalty will be determined under NRS 201.220. Those convicted of a first-time nudity crime can face up to 364 days in jail as well as fines of up to $2,000 and must register as sex offenders. In Nevada, they face charges of gross misdemeanors. Defendants who have previously been convicted of indecent exposure or another sex offense come under Category D felonies can be sentenced to one to four years in jail or to a fine of up to $5,000, . 

Category D felonies are also categorized as first or subsequent offenses committed in the presence of a child under the age of 18 or a disabled person, respectively. Depending on the severity of the crime, a fine of up to $5,000 may be imposed or a sentence of 1–4 years may be imposed. A sex offender is also listed on the individual’s record. Keep in mind that judges do consider mitigating factors when deciding on sentencing.

Private Bachelor Party in room entertainment for strippers in las vegas

What To Plan Before Getting Strippers For Your Vegas Bachelor Party

Without a strip club, a bachelor party is like a birthday celebration that doesn’t have a cake. Prior to the wedding, there must be some kind of bachelor party, and Vegas is the best place to do it. Lap dances, private dances, and private stripper parties are popular in Sin City. 

The city is a feast of bachelor party strippers who are accustomed to showering guys with attention at all hours of the day and night. Having a private stripper party perform at the groom’s party is the perfect way to make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. These young ladies have the ability to read a room and deliver appropriate amusement for the setting. Now is the time to act. It’s time to book the bachelor stripper package if you’re preparing for a bachelor party in Las Vegas.

Who Should You Invite To Your Vegas Bachelor Party?

Make sure you know who you want to attend, if you want it to be a memorable one. The best man is responsible for determining which of the groom’s male pals are most important to him as he prepares for one of the most significant days of his life. 

Groomsmen and close friends and family members who are invited to the wedding should be included on the guest list. You don’t have to go to the strip clubs in Vegas if you want to see some of the Vegas bachelor strippers. Strippers may come to your hotel room or venue and do a performance specifically for you, giving you an awesome Las Vegas strippers bachelor party.

Picking The Right Location

It’s the perfect excuse to let loose during a bachelor party! Make memories that will last a lifetime by doing activities that will aid in the creation of such memories. There are a lot of variables to take into account while deciding on a site. Which people will be attending the event as well as their location is important. 

What is the ideal venue based on the budget? What are the most important things on your to-do list, and how much time do you have? You should choose a place that has the answers to all of these questions. One of the finest destinations in the United States is Las Vegas, which is a massive adult playground with some of the best entertainment choices like strip clubs in the world. If you’re planning a big night out, you’ll want to avoid drinking throughout the day. You may even have certain dreams you’d want to come true before you tie the knot.


For every groom, a Las Vegas Strippers bachelor party is a must-see. In these intimate and sexy presentations, the audience is in complete control of how spicy they want to make it. One of the perks of hiring a bachelor party stripper in Las Vegas is that you get to determine how vulgar the act should be.

Bachelor Party Private In Room Strippers

How To Pull Off The Best Bachelor Party In Las Vegas 2022

Las Vegas, the city of sin, is about more than just shots and slot machines. Despite the fact that the legendary Girls of Glitter Gulch and Olympic Gardens recently closed their doors to the public, there are still plenty of options for individuals interested in sin city to have a good time.

In Room, Private Stripper Parties

The gentleman’s club is set up to entice you. It’s a promising spot to be if you’re seeking for an open-ended good time surrounded by alcohol, flashing lights, deafening music, and insanely attractive, half-naked women. The large buildings with no windows and winding staircases are designed to be attractive, flashy distractions that make you forget the concept of time and how much money you have spent so far.

Because of their secluded and exclusive atmosphere, gentlemen’s clubs were once a favorite site for bachelor celebrations. However, in light of recent events, particularly the pandemic, these settings have become less appealing to partygoers seeking more safety and privacy in their gatherings. Instead, they’re choosing for in-room stripper parties, which provide a safer and more comfortable environment for anyone who wants to have a good time.

What are private, In-Room strippers? Strippers who come to your private suite or room to do their show are known as private, in-room strippers. Each in-room stripper package is different and offers a number of benefits. Check out our Bachelor Strippers Las Vegas packages for additional information and to book your service right away!

Getting Ready for the In-Room Stripper Party

You don’t have to think too hard about it! Come in with a relaxed mood and a warm and friendly demeanor. You can relax and enjoy the show because our entertainers are highly pleasant and good at starting intriguing conversations.

It is customary, as it is in every gentleman’s club, to bring some cash. The ATMs near the clubs and hotels frequently demand a fee to withdraw money, and it is considered disrespectful to arrive without cash. This is because most performers rely solely on gratuities to make a living.

Our artists would also appreciate a clean bathroom where they can store their bags and other gear. Everything else will be taken care of by us! Our artists will arrive with a large number of singles, speakers, toys, and lingerie (and maybe even some surprises).

The Bachelor Strippers Las Vegas Packages

Strip teases, lap dances, kinky toys, sexy games, and more are all included in our fully nude Bachelor Strippers Las Vegas packages. Meanwhile, we make certain that we have the hottest, sexiest, and most naughty girls in Las Vegas ready to give your company a night to remember.  Starting at $1,000, our bachelor party package gets your bachelor front and center with all of the attention on him. All while the audience plays interactive games with the bachelor in the hot seat and gives him a stripper party he’ll never forget.

Stripper Parties for One

Our solo stripper party option, which starts at $500, includes one exotic dancer in the privacy of your own area or room. Your chosen dancer will perform for you and tease you in every manner possible.

Private Stripper Party for your Vegas Bachelor party

10 Mistakes Guys Make at the Strip Club in 2022

Las Vegas is the party city capitol of the world, with famous strip clubs built to satisfy any group’s/party’s needs and desires.  There are PLENTY of mistakes first-timers (and even seasoned veterans) make that ruin a groups Las Vegas strip club experience.

After you have dressed to impress, watch out for these mistakes:

Being Rude to Dancers, Servers, and staff

For a night life to be at equilibrium there must be service givers and receivers. In most cases, there are some rude customers who think that having cash gives them access to being rude to the dancers and general club staff. This is a wrong notion and should be avoided by all means. Being friendly to dancers guarantees better services at no extra cost.

Failing to Respect the Strip Club Rules

Every club has its own set of rules to ensure safety of the staff and customers, which if ignored might bring about night-ending consequences. These rules avoid skirmishes that break out often in these types of clubs. It’s imperative to understand the set rules laid out by the establishment.  In any club, respect is paramount.

Forgetting to check prices up-front

Ask for prices before you order any package. In some instances, customers are forced to leave behind personal items as collateral. Don’t be that guy. Inquire the prices before you order that VIP service. And remember, a luxurious package doesn’t mean optimum enjoyment, rather you can enjoy even more with a cheaper affordable package that fits your means.

Trying to snag a sexy photo or video

Taking photos and nudes of strippers in a strip club is just insane. You don’t want to lose your new iPhone, right? Then make sure you tuck your phone in your pocket and ensue you switch it off if possible. Enjoy living in the moment for once.

Bringing a date who doesn’t want to be there

Why should you force a strip vibe on someone who wants a dinner date? Having a date who seems out of place might also demotivate you and make you a party pooper before the event ends. Try as much a possible to learn your date’s body language to ascertain that they are enjoying the show as you. If not, don’t bother bringing her to the club. Negative vibes are a turn off in a strip club.

Not tipping stage entertainment

Motivation is the key to optimal enjoyment. By tipping a dancer, you give her more energy and more momentum to perform her best. Who doesn’t like a little appreciation here and there?

Skipping the VIP Experience

As much as we are made to believe that having VIP packages is a boss move; There’s more to it than fun and money intertwined. Don’t always go for the VIP package where you are only given the best of their choice, go out and choose what allures your best.

Being too Shy for a lap dance

There is no shame in having wild and hot lap dances from strippers. Choose a stripper who you are comfortable with.

Not taking advantage of amenities

You pay for everything in the club when you purchase any service from the club. Most strip clubs in Las Vegas have secret and private amenities at your disposal. Make sure you enjoy them to the maximum.

Not Finding Something Better!

The pandemic has caused a big blow to strip clubs. You have to keep your distance, and strippers need to wear masks. Regulars have stopped visiting strip clubs because the prices are high. Also, there is no adult fun originality.

Private Stripper parties have only increased in popularity. If you hire Las Vegas private strippers, you are to enforce your rules in your room. Besides, you can create your ultimate and true fantasy.

Shop with Vegas Stripper Party today for all your In-Room Entertainment needs!

vegas stripper party book a bachelor party stripper

Hiring private, in-room Bachelor Party Strippers

When going to Las Vegas for a bachelor party, getting Vegas bachelor party strippers is a long-standing tradition. What is the best way to experience bachelor party strippers? Traditionally, most will decide to go to a popular local strip club. However, bachelor’s party packages at strip clubs do not include any time with the ladies. In a strip club, you are the subject of a hustle routine. You will find yourself flagging down girls to get their attention.

A better way to spend your money and time is to book a private stripper party. This way, you can enjoy strippers in a more intimate and comfortable environment. You discuss the rate and time in advance so you know exactly what you get.

Benefits of hiring Las Vegas Private Strippers

Girl Selection

It’s one of the biggest pros when booking Las Vegas Strippers for a bachelor party. With private strippers, you can see and select the girls and advance to come to your hotel room. You get the exact type of girl you want compared to the strip club, where girls are often dividing their attention with other guests.


With a private stripper party, the environment is generally more intimate and safer. The girls will focus on showing you a great time. You make the experience as you want. You control the music you want to listen to and even the number of people. In a stripper club, you have no control.


A private stripper provide a more personalized and intimate experience for a Las Vegas stripper bachelor party than in a strip club. You have more control on how you want the strippers to perform.  Play sexy interactive games, enjoy erotic toy shows, or experience a fetish shower with strippers in the privacy of your own controlled space. At strip clubs, you will be at the mercy of what the venue will allow.

What’s Cheaper

Private strippers may sound expensive, but that is not necessarily true. With strip clubs, Alcohol usually costs more. Be prepared to ask in advance what the drink prices are so you know what you are getting into. With private strippers, you are in full control of the setting and the drinks. All add-ons are optional, and you won’t need to pay a premium on alcohol to have a good time. After all, Las Vegas strip clubs need to be profitable and cover the cost of the venue and the entertainer, and you will be the one paying for it. Generally, you will find yourself spending more on unnecessary things in a strip club than in your private room.

 What to look for in a Private Stripper Agency

Look for a private stripper from a licensed reputable business. Do not hire strippers from sites like Craigslist, adult search, eros, and Backpage. Ensure you have a good time by prioritizing quality. At Vegas Stripper Party, we are a licensed and fully insured business and provide real photos of our strippers. This way, there are no questions of who will show up and are approved in advance.

best las vegas suites for vegas bachelor party

Best Suites In Las Vegas For Bachelor Parties

When you’re about to get married, you worry about all the arrangements; the hall, the seating arrangement, the cake, the food, and about the guests, but the one thing that is not on your mind is the bachelor party. Honestly, there is no party like a Bachelor’s Party, and what place could be better than Las Vegas?  

Also, since what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is the real thing, are you ready to have the party of your life? If you just felt a spark and nodded, let’s check out some amazing Vegas bachelor party suites that allow all the fun and comfort! 

Skyline Suite  

One of the suites Vegas has to offer is the Skyline Suite of MGM Grand. The suite is a two-story luxury penthouse that gives a scenic view of the whole city. The suite comes with an in-room dining facility, entertainment hub, a spa tub, and a flat large screen, which makes you want to stay inside the room all the time. Not to forget, the amazing casinos of the Grand are worth gambling for. Ranging from the best crowd to the best tables – MGM Grand has it all. The more money you spend, the better VIP service you can achieve at the Grand. 

Aria Sky Suites  

If you are planning to spend your time while sitting in the room and still have a good time, then Aria Sky Suites should be at the top of your list. The room can be as huge as 7000 square feet, which comes with multiple huge screens to keep your party going with a range of pump-up songs. The in-room dining service will get your steaks to your room and the whiskeys too because who got time to leave the party and go downstairs, right? The bathroom is equipped with a spa tub that’s big enough for your plus-one, if you get lucky.  

Hardwood Suite  

The Hardwood Suite at the Palms is the best and by far our favorite suite of all. It has a billiards table, a party room big enough for 350 people, and huge Shaq-sized beds that pop out the walls and have a little hoop on the top. All the other basic in-room services, bed and bath services are included. The casinos are equally amazing, and you might even end up partying with some Hollywood celebrities since they all hang out there!   

What To Consider When Going To Vegas For A Bachelor Party? 

So, you’ve got the perfect suite or hotel for bachelor parties that you want to book but is that all? No, soon-to-be-married guy! 

Having said that, let’s check out some important points of consideration before you board that plane to this party city; 

  • Make sure your group doesn’t exceed the count of ten, so you don’t have split because that ruins all the fun  
  • Since you will be drinking every night (yes, you will!), don’t make the morning time activities and keep all the fun for the night  
  • Have some girls around if you want to sign up for the nightclub and pool parties because the only-boys groups aren’t allowed 
  • Don’t forget to use Clark County Jail’s online person search if one of your guys goes missing (it happens a lot when you are drunk!) 

So, pack your bags and make this party worthwhile before you pop that ring up! 

Interested in a private stripper party for your best bud’s bachelor party? Check out VSP packages, and let us make this party a night you will never forget!

In need of a Vegas hotel deal to host your private stripper party? Check out

Private In Room Entertainment for your Bachelor Stripper Party

Why Choose Private Stripper Parties Over The Strip Club in 2022

There are many ways you can celebrate your bachelors’ party in Las Vegas. But, the majority have no idea what it’s like to have a private stripper party. Private stripper parties are where an entertainer comes to your party at your convenience or in your rental. You and guests will get treated to a strip club experience. The girl will do all kinds of adult dancing, games, tricks, and much more. You also have control of the music to play.

What’s Safer; Private Stripper Parties or a Strip Club?

The fact is most strip clubs are safe, although not like a private stripper party. You can only walk in a strip club when it’s open and when they schedule the dancers. But with the private stripper, you control the time and length of the session.

With strip clubs, you will be competing with other clients. They are public businesses, and the time they open may not fit your schedule. Still, it gets messy if your buddy gets too drunk, he can screw everything up. It is the opposite with a private party. You will ensure your drunken friend is taken care of and he is safe. The stripper will also be safe and have nothing to worry about.

There are so many benefits to having strippers come to your room instead of going to the crowded strip clubs in Las Vegas!

  • Purchase your liquor and drink preferences beforehand and avoid the crazy spiked prices associated with the strip club’s watered down drinks.
  • No Lines.
  • No surprise entry fees.
  • Safety, especially amongst Covid. Staying in a clean room with people you know is a must.
  • Personal attention from our performers instead of being seen as another guy at the club.
  • You wont have to compete with the million other tourists trying to get a dance.
  • Wont have to leave the room and deal with the issue of transportation to and from your hotel.
  • Privacy.

It’s inconvenient to leave your weekend rental to go to a strip club. But, it’s convenient to have Las Vegas private strippers come to you. It involves a lot of things organize a bachelor party. Not to mention how it’s a challenge to control the party-goers into doing anything.

Some are impatient because they want to go on with the fun. Some have different destinations in their minds. It’s safer for a stripper to come to you and avoid these problems. Let guests come running when girls show up rather than rounding them to go out.

What’s Cheaper: Private Stripper Party or a Strip Club?

Hiring Las Vegas private stripper is cheaper than walking in a strip club. You have to pay to get in strip clubs, pay girls to get your attention, and the drinks are overpriced. The amount you spent in a strip club is enough to cover private dance and remain with some cash.

Benefits of booking private strippers

Private strippers concentrate on your party. Contrary to strippers at clubs that are not focused on your party.

Strip clubs are depressing places that don’t make you comfortable. But booking a private stripper in your rental or home is safe and secure. The environment in a strip club, for instance, may not encourage you to have a good time.

The experience of a private stripper party is better than the ugly scenes in a strip club. The level of personalized services and attention private strippers delivers are the best.


The pandemic has caused a big blow to strip clubs. You have to keep your distance, and strippers need to wear masks. Regulars have stopped visiting strip clubs because the prices are high. Also, there is no adult fun originality.

Private parties have increased. If you hire Las Vegas private strippers, you are to enforce your rules in your room. Besides, you can create your ultimate and true fantasy.

Shop with Vegas Stripper Party today for all your In-Room Entertainment needs!

Private Stripper Party in Vegas

Vegas Weekend Do’s and Dont’s

Nevada’s neon-lit desert city is one of the most unforgettable cities in the world. A weekend in “Sin City” has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate send-off with a Las Vegas stripper bachelor party or simply a weekend of pulsating nightclubs and high stakes fun, we’ll help you make the most of your trip to Vegas.

Avoid the Lines

At any given night of the week, you’ll find lines winding down the street as partygoers wait to gain entry into the Strip’s hottest clubs. With a bit of planning, there is no reason your group should ever wait in line for more than a few minutes.

  • Get there early.

Clubs open at 10:30 and if you want to avoid the lines, get there between 10 and 11, especially on the weekends.

  • Moderate priced option: Get a pass or club crawl ticket. Often these passes and tickets come with drink specials, no cover charge, and most importantly, you can cut to the front of the lines.
  • Luxury Option: Book a table with bottle service. Make sure to do these in advance because prices surge the day of.

Plan a Private Stripper Party

Cover charges, tipping, and overpriced drinks at the strip club can add up quickly. If you’re already staying at a nice hotel, why not hire Las Vegas private strippers to come to you?

In addition to not being held down by house rules and bouncers, you can make the experience cater to your wishes.

Tip: Avoid hiring strippers from classified sites (i.e. craigslist) and hire directly from a reputable provider. With these services, you aren’t paying upfront, you can choose the girls you like, and they often offer other perks such as limos if you don’t prefer your hotel. It is important to check if a Las Vegas stripper service is licensed.

Keep Your Hotel Room Stocked

Unlike most other cities in the US, it is legal to carry an open container and consume it publicly in Las Vegas. Not only that, but you can enter casinos and hotels as well. Take advantage of these lax laws by stocking up on booze and pregaming your events. It is more affordable to buy booze en route to Vegas from the airport or from a grocery or convenience store near The Strip. While out, it is not uncommon for a basic mixed drink to cost $20 or more with beer prices only slightly lower.

Plan time to Recover

Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world which means you won’t be getting a lot of shut eye. However, a bit of pacing and time to just relax and recuperate will ultimately lead to a more enjoyable experience, especially on your first night.

Attend a Pool Party

Soak up the desert sun at an iconic Vegas day club. There are endless beach clubs complete with cabanas, day beds, bars, and performances from your favorite entertainers.

Tip: When choosing a hotel, pool party access is an awesome perk. Often hotels offer free entry to their guests and in some cases, a multi-property resort might allow you to travel between all their pools.

Vegas Private Strippers

What to Expect When Booking Private Strippers in Las Vegas

Hiring an exotic dancer for a private show is a taste of the Vegas experience.  If you are visiting or interested in private room strippers, it’s a challenge to hire Vegas in-room strippers. From etiquette to ground rules, here is what you need to know.

What to expect with in-room strippers?

Expect nothing but an intimate and comfortable environment. If you want to dance, you will dance and you can talk if you feel. You will maximize your expenses, and you will have in on the fun without bouncers.

In-room strippers are more engaging and are not in shady areas. You will not encounter life-threatening incidents or risk getting robbed.

Difference between a strip club and private in room strippers

In a strip club, strippers offer adult entertainment in striptease and other erotic or exotic dances.  A strip club is designed for seduction. The beautiful women, flashing lights, the champagne bottles, and nearly deafening music. The strip club is a place to be if you are open to good times surrounded by alcohol and almost naked women.

On the other hand, a private in-room stripper takes place in a private closed-door suite. Here, the customer or party pays a flat rate fee per hour.

Either way, it’s you and the stripper, some alcohol and your privacy. Private Vegas strippers are the best choice for private Vegas lap dances, stripteases, bachelor party events, and much more. Are you wondering where you can book Las Vegas Private strippers? Look no further than

Why Private strippers are better than strip clubs?

Hiring Vegas in-room strippers through a private company, like VSP,  is better than paying premium prices for strip clubs. Besides the fee, private Vegas strippers are better in the following aspects.


It’s economical to hire a private stripper to perform in your hotel room, even if you get a good package at a strip club. For $50, you can buy your bottle and favorite mixers. If you plan to have a few bottles, then it’s even cheaper than a strip club.

For instance, with a budget of $900, you could get two strippers to your room, some drinks, food, a private stripper performance tailored to your parties needs and STILL remain with some bucks. All in the comfortability of your own suite!


Having a private stripper is more convenient because you pay in advance. It’s about entertainment and good vibes. An agency, like Vegas Stripper Party, will send the stripper directly to your room or suite. You get exactly what you want, the way you want. We also provide transport services (limo and buses) for any party on the go.

Dancer selection

If you want to hire a stripper to come to your room here in Las Vegas, talk to us. We provide the hottest strippers in Las Vegas and provide real photos of our girls. We have all the connections in town, and we will provide you with a full-private Vegas stripper experience.

Party environment

Why should you bother to hire a limo to go where you are not in control? Why go to a place where they play the music they want and where almost everyone invades your privacy? With a private Vegas stripper, you have a nice hotel room with a nice view and excellent amenities.

You control everything in the room. From the number of individuals, to the kind of music you want to be played, you control the environment.

How to Avoid Scams?

If you are unfamiliar with Las Vegas private strippers, you can easily get scammed. The easiest way to fall for this is to follow the flyers that people pass out. It is regular on the Las Vegas strip.

The best way to avoid falling prey is to use a licensed stripper agency. We are not an escort agency, but a licensed and insured private stripper agency. We provide quality services, unlike our competitors or strip clubs. We have invested in the safety of our customers and entertainers.

You can trust us for your entertainment needs.

Additional Party Tips

Prioritize quality

Hire a Las Vegas private stripper from a licensed agency. If you hire from a classified site and you get conned, you were warned.

Don’t make any upfront payment. Make payment after you have seen the girl in person.

If you don’t like the girl that shows up, be polite enough and decline. Contact the agency, and they will send another girl who meets your expectations.

Above all, be a gentleman. Be smart and don’t break the law. Stay safe.


For private stripper bookings you can trust, book with Vegas Stripper Party! Enjoy a sexy Las Vegas in room stripper entertainment with simply one call away. We’ve got the hottest girls in Vegas and they want to make your time here unforgettable. All of our girls are real Vegas nude strippers with genuine photos, so what you see is what you get! Need girls fast? No problem. Our girls can be there within an hour!  Rather than going to a crowded Las Vegas strip club, enjoy a fully nude and immersive adult entertainment with Vegas in room strippers in of your own suite or hotel room! Call us today and book our strippers for hire for your private suite party.

Vegas Stripper Party Bachelor Party guide for In Room Strippers

Las Vegas 2022 Bachelor Guide to Private, In-Room Strippers

Las Vegas is one giant adult playground with some of the best dining, scenery and entertainment options in the entire world, making it one of the best places in the States for a bachelor party.  Since the options are so broad, it’s hard to narrow down exactly what to make time for during your trip to Sin City.

Often, we see parties come to town and go too fast and too hard right out of the gate, making the second part of their trip less enjoyable than the first. Pace yourself, plan ahead, and think smart. For example, if you have plan on hitting one of Vegas’s infamous pool parties in the afternoon, it may not be a good idea to plan a night out drinking at Vegas’ world-renowned clubs that evening.  By following these simple guidelines and the Pro-Tips outlined below, we promise you your Vegas Bachelor Party experience will be LEGENDARY.

Bachelor Party Pro Tips

Pro-Tip #1: Keep the party as small as possible.  The best man traditionally throws the shindig and invites the groom’s closest friends and relatives. The wildest nights we’ve seen are from small groups, taking advantage of everything Vegas has to offer. These groups include no more than 10 individuals.

Pro-Tip #2: Pick a location that’s conductive to the activities you want.  It may be a bit biased on our end, but we recommend Vegas for your bachelor extravaganza! Whether the groom wants a secluded night out in the middle of nowhere, or maybe an adrenaline junky excursion, or even a night out to forget (maybe all three?) Vegas has it all.  Of course, weekend trips involve travel and related expenses. If you are limited in time and expenses, then the local bar, a hotel room, or the best man’s apartment will do just fine.  No-one can afford to party like that seen in the movies. Be creative and focus on the groom’s experience.

Pro-Tip #3: Do not have your bachelor party the night before the wedding. Trust us, having your bachelor party the night before your wedding is a rookie mistake.  The moments leading up to a couple’s wedding ceremony can be stressful, and everyone needs to be in a sound state of mind to deal with last minute mishaps and issues to make the day as magical as possible for the newlyweds.  Bachelor parties are typically scheduled up to a month before the wedding ceremony, and guests that need to travel long distances should be notified at least three weeks prior to the event to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Pro-Tip #4: Make sure the best man understands his (or her, no judgement here) responsibilities.  The best man is typically responsible for making sure the bachelor party avoids any unnecessary mishaps.  Other responsibilities bestowed on the groom’s best man include:

  • Make sure no one drives home drunk.
  • No video evidence is taken of the trip.
  • Organize and calculate the total cost of the trip.
  • Figure out how many people to invite, who to invite, and how to split up the totals.
  • Be creative and have fun with activity ideas! For some other fun ideas, feel free to give VSP a call?
  • Let loose and make sure the groom has a night to remember.
  • Make sure the party keeps an upbeat vibe. Help keep your party on the right side of fun.

Pro-Tip #5: Pack sunscreen, stay hydrated, and set some time ahead to recharge and rest. Its hot here. We are in the middle of the desert.

Pro-Tip #6: Stock up on supplies when you come in. What should your supply list intel? We have a few ideas to get those brain juices flowing…

  • Recreational Marijuana
  • Water or Pedialyte
  • Portable Charger
  • Swimsuit
  • Ibuprofen
  • Cigars
  • Condoms
  • Alka Seltzer
  • Cheap digital camera
  • Booze
  • Cash
  • Drinking Games

Note: Getting these different items are 10x more expensive on the strip than off. Las Vegas has a ton of surrounding areas that are safe to travel to and are within 10/15 minutes of the strip.  These towns include: Summerlin, Henderson, Centennial Hills, The Lakes, Rancho Charleston, and Whitney Ranch.  Try to avoid Northern Vegas and North-West Vegas as a rule of thumb.  Rent a car, or get an uber to drive you to a surrounding area to shop.  Better yet, bring everything you need with you! Planning is key.

Pro-Tip #7: Rent out a dope car. Rent out a supercar and drive it on one of Las Vegas’ racetracks or take it for a spin and visit the Hoover Dam or drive through the scenic trail at Red Rock Canyon (gorgeous scenery just twenty minutes from the strip!). Cops are strict in Vegas and do look for opportunities to ticket those driving these ridiculous cars, so be smart and keep an eye out!

Pro-Tip #8: See some shows during your stay in Vegas! We have some of the best entertainers in the world performing every night.  Absinthe is a must see if you’re looking for some recommendations!

Pro-Tip #9: Here in Vegas, we rep Golden Knights attire and we love the Las Vegas Raiders. Book a seat at the Raider’s “Death Star” stadium or see a hockey game, court side with full access to the bar within Vegas’s T-Mobile stadium.

Pro-Tip #10: For a more personal experience. Rent out private strippers to come to your hotel room.  Strip clubs are fun, but they are strip clubs.  Enjoy some privacy and quality time with the boys in your own hotel suite! To help schedule a party, VSP is our recommendation. Check out VSP package page for more info! Check out more info as to why private stripper parties are the new craze!

Pro-Tip #11: Get to the Club. Even if you’re not a “club person,” Vegas is the perfect place to experience one if you’re feeling adventurous. Hakkasan Nightclub is the best in town and features world-class DJs and acts like Tiesto, Zedd, Lil John, and Crankdat. They recently installed an insane LED ceiling grid that moves in mind-bending ways, and the light show itself is one of the most mesmerizing things you’ll witness on your trip. If you’re really into the EDM scene, you’ll probably be fine with general admission. But we think Hakkasan is a much better experience when enjoyed at a reserved table so you can really get the VIP treatment.

In Room Strippers Pro Tips

There are so many benefits to having strippers come to your room instead of going to the crowded strip clubs in Las Vegas!

  • Purchase your liquor and drink preferences beforehand and avoid the crazy spiked prices associated with the strip club’s watered down drinks.
  • No Lines.
  • No surprise entry fees.
  • Safety, especially amongst Covid. Staying in a clean room with people you know is a must.
  • Personal attention from our performers instead of being seen as another guy at the club.
  • You wont have to compete with the million other tourists trying to get a dance.
  • Wont have to leave the room and deal with the issue of transportation to and from your hotel.
  • Privacy.

Don’t hire stripper from Craigslist, Backpage, AdultSearch or EROS

  • One of the more popular places to find strippers in Las Vegas is on classified sites such as Craigslist or Backpage.
  • The majority of these are ads are fake and/or a scam. There are horror stories of people being robbed, drugged, and worse from calling the women who advertise on these sites.  There is no regulations or background checks for your safety. Many of these girls are victims of human trafficking “owned” by a pimp.  This is why the government shut them down.
  • The second problem with hiring off the classified sites is that these strippers have no accountability. If they are a rip-off, or unattractive, or take a deposit and don’t show up, you have no recourse. You can’t call the Better Business Bureau or even give them a bad review on Google or Yelp.

Don’t take advice from a Street Promoter, Limo, Uber or Lyft Driver

  • Street Promoters and drivers in Las Vegas play all the angles to get as much money from you, the tourist, as possible. This includes sending you to sub-par venues and suggesting girls that pay them the most money.
  • If they don’t have a website or a business you can review if things go sour, do not do business with them.

Don’t call the girls from the Porn Cards off the strip.

Don’t call the girls from the “Girls that want to meet you” truck rolling down Las Vegas Boulevard!

DO Hire from a reputable provider (like Las Vegas Stripper Party). Prioritize quality and ensure you have a good time by getting the girls you want with no surprises!  If you are unhappy with the girl that shows up to your room for any reason, politely decline. Call the provider back and they will happily send another until you are happy.