Vegas Stripper Party

Tips and Tricks for Planning the Ultimate Las Vegas Stripper Party

Planning the ultimate Las Vegas stripper party requires some imagination and planning. Your friends will be talking about the wonderful event you helped them create for years to come if you take the appropriate approach. Here are some pointers for organizing the best stripper party in Las Vegas:

Select the ideal location: Placement is essential for Las Vegas stripper parties. When choosing a location, take into account the size of your gathering and the atmosphere you want to create. Private party rooms at strip clubs and opulent penthouse suites at upscale hotels are among the options.

Establish a theme: Giving your stripper party a theme might make it more enjoyable and memorable. A Hawaiian luau, an 80s neon party, or a Vegas casino night are a few possible themes.

Think about the menu: A gathering wouldn’t be complete without tasty food and beverages. To keep the celebration going, think about hiring a bartender or caterer, or pick a location with on-site catering.

Plan the entertainment: The strippers themselves are, of course, the major draw at a Las Vegas stripper party. To acquire skilled dancers who are at ease performing for sizable crowds, pick a respected agency or club. Think about varying the entertainment with male dancers, drag queens, or burlesque performers.

Remember the tiny things: There are countless little things that may make or ruin a party, so be sure to pay attention to the minor things. To keep the party going, think about hiring a DJ or live band. You may also organize enjoyable diversions for your guests, including casino games or photo booths.

You can organize the perfect Las Vegas stripper party that will be talked about for years by using these advice and strategies. Just keep in mind to respect the dancers at all times and to adhere to all local laws and regulations when organizing your event.

Bachelor Party Etiquette

How To Host A Bachelor Party In 2023 – A Guide To Etiquette

Planning a bachelor party is no small feat! With the pressure to come up with something memorable, it may seem like an overwhelming task. But fear not – with proper planning and etiquette, you can be sure to orchestrate an epic celebration of fun and friendship that your buddy won’t soon forget! 

This blog post will ensure you have all the answers to bachelor party dos and don’ts. We’ll provide helpful tips on adequately planning for the occasion while ensuring everyone has a blast – minus any drama or awkward moments along the way. So gather your best buds, pop open some brews, pull out those ‘gentlemanly hats’ and read through these essential pieces of bachelor-party advice for organizing an unforgettable night!

The Etiquette for Bachelor Parties Includes the Following:

You should follow specific etiquette rules when attending bachelor parties. Here are some tips to ensure everyone has a great time and the night doesn’t end in disaster!

Who Hosts the Bachelor Party?

The best man is traditionally tasked with hosting the bachelor party. But sometimes, it makes more sense for the person who lives in the destination to handle the planning and logistics. For example, if the bachelor party is in Las Vegas and one of the wedding party members lives there, it would be easier for them to organize local activities and get the best deals. 

Who Plans the Bachelor Party?

Once you have an idea of what the groom wants from his bachelor party, it’s time to get planning. As a host, If you’re going it alone, consult with the groom (and his fiancee if necessary) to ensure everyone is on board. You can also enlist the help of the groom and other friends if needed. The most crucial part is ensuring everyone has a good time, so remember to bring fun extras like music, games, and snacks.

Who Goes to the Bachelor Party?

When making your guest list, it’s essential to keep the groom first and foremost is vital. Ask him what kind of party he wants and how many people he would like to invite. Many bachelor parties include the wedding party and closest family members, while others may consist of friends and extended family. It’s up to the groom to decide who is invited! Grooms should be surrounded by people they love and trust, whether the party is big or small. 

Who Pays for the Bachelor Party?

If you’re organizing the bachelor party, ensure everyone knows this rule and can plan accordingly. Ask everyone to bring some cash and have a loose plan for splitting the costs. If the bachelor party includes more significant expenses, like a boat rental or an activity like paintball, I suggest splitting those costs among the group. You can also tell that everyone pays for the groom’s expenses, so the bride-to-be doesn’t have to worry about footing any bill.

When Should the Bachelor Party take Place? How Long Should it be?

Organizing a bachelor party can be stressful, but one piece of advice everyone agrees on is to avoid holding it the night before the wedding. In addition to being exhausted, this could result in problems ruining the special day. Instead, plan the bachelor party a few weeks to a few months before the big day. It gives everyone more time to hang out and get to know each other better in between activities.

Bachelor Party Etiquette for Communication

It’s great to surprise the groom, but listening to his wishes (and those of his spouse) is important. The host must listen to the groom if he doesn’t want a crazy weekend with free-flowing shots.

Additionally, invitations can be sent as an email or as group emails. You don’t need to send fancy invitations; setting up a WhatsApp group or Slack channel can be helpful. If all attendees have RSVP’d, switch to your preferred communication platform.

Bachelor Party Etiquette for Travel

If you’re planning a bachelor party, consider whether the groom is okay with being “kidnapped” and taken to a surprise destination. Ask the wedding party to discuss their budgets and what they are comfortable with regarding traveling costs. If you’re trying to keep things cost-effective, you can find a nearby spot that will still give everyone the vibe they’re looking for. 

Best Place to Go For Your Bachelor Party

If you’re looking for the best place to host a bachelor party, look no further than Las Vegas – it’s the perfect destination. Whether you’re into gambling, partying, or just want to experience some of the most exciting nightlife in the world, Las Vegas has it all. Besides the countless entertainment options, you can also book private strippers in Las Vegas. 

From luxurious pool parties to high-stakes casinos and wild clubs, Las Vegas will surely provide a good time for everyone at your party. And the best part is that with the options for flights, hotels, and excursions available, you can make your bachelor party experience unique and customized.

A Bachelor Party Activity That’s Always A Hit

Hire Private In-Room Strippers

A bachelor party strippers club is ideal for spending a night out with the guys. These clubs offer an affordable, clean and comfortable way to have a good time with in-room strippers in Las Vegas. Before you book, you’ll know how much you’ll spend. You can also pick from a wide range of girls and carefully curated activities to ensure maximum satisfaction. Plus, they offer a much more intimate setting than a regular strip club, so you can get to know the ladies and spend quality time with them. 

Hire A Stripper

The Best Way To Hire A Stripper: Tips And Tricks

If you’re looking to throw a bachelor party or just want to have some fun with a group of friends, hiring a stripper is always a good time. However, finding an ideal stripper can be tricky – you don’t want someone who will be too raunchy or bland. Here are some tips and tricks for hiring the perfect stripper.  Here’s how to find in-room strippers in your hotel!

Private Strippers Las Vegas: 7 Tips and Tricks

For a reason, Las Vegas is known as Sin City – it’s full of entertainment, including private strippers! The following tips can help you find the perfect in-room stripper while you’re in Vegas.

Hire from Reputable Provider

If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, hiring a stripper from a reputable provider is something you should consider doing. An unlicensed or unreliable provider is not likely to be very respectable, and you could get ripped off. Having fun with the professionals is a guarantee, and you and your friends will be excited, entertained, and ready for a great time.

Always choose a licensed and reputable provider. Professional strippers possess years of experience and are well-known for providing high-quality services. So rest assured that you’ll get excellent service from the beginning to the end of your party.

Priorities Quality

You must priorities quality if you’re planning to book an in-room stripper in Las Vegas for your next party in Las Vegas. One reason why you want a good stripper is that they will be your party’s main attraction. If your stripper is terrible, then it can ruin the whole party. And hiring a nasty stripper is a waste of money.

Your guests will have more fun at your party if you hire quality Las Vegas strippers. Unhappy guests can create a tense and uncomfortable atmosphere that nobody wants to be a part of.

Never Pay Upfront

As a general rule, never pay in advance for a stripper. If you do, you might pay way more than you need to. Instead, pay at the end of the night after seeing what kind of job they did. If it was a good performance, feel free to tip them well. But you should always hand over a significant amount of cash before the job is done.

Dispute if not Satisfied

Las Vegas is a city teeming with entertainment options, and one of the most popular is going to see a stripper. You can enjoy world-class shows, exciting nightlife, and Las Vegas pool parties. So when it comes to private strippers in Las Vegas, you’re guaranteed a great time no matter your preference. If you request a specific dancer and don’t like the girl that shows up, don’t be shy – ask for someone else.

Prostitution is ILLEGAL in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, prostitution is illegal. However, that doesn’t stop people from engaging in the act. If you’re planning on hiring a stripper in Vegas, you should be aware of the rules and regulations regarding what you can and cannot do.

Prostitution can pose a threat to city safety. People who engage in sex work may also be involved in drug trafficking or human trafficking.

Avoid Street Promoter, Uber, Lyft, and Limo Advice

Street promoters, limo and taxi drivers in Las Vegas will all try to sell you on their favorite strip club. But don’t be fooled! Don’t take advice from a street promoter, limo or taxi driver when you are hiring a stripper in Vegas. In addition to good strip clubs, the freeway also has cheaper ones.

Make Sure the Site’s Images are REAL

When hiring a stripper in Las Vegas, make sure the images on their website are genuine. Many agencies use stock images of models. If you want to ensure the girls in your party are real, call the agency and ask to speak with the stripper personally. A genuine agent will be happy to assist you, and a fake one will only waste your time.

Best Pals at Bachelor Party in Las Vegas

Bachelor Party Inspiration (Other than the Strip Club)

Bachelor Parties in Las Vegas are all about strip clubbing. However, nowadays people love to derive from this bygone idea and experience new things for their bachelor party experiences. Who can blame them? Drinks they offer are outrageously expensive at Strip Clubs, dances are overrated, non-intimate and pricy, theres probably a cover charge, and some sort of transportation fee and you rarely get the girl you want. Furthermore, Strip clubs are the best places to capture attention from outsiders. The quality of entertainment in Strip Clubs is questionable.

It’s a good idea to try out new ideas to celebrate your bachelor party. So here are some new ideas for you to try out for your bachelor party.

1. Bachelor Party Ideas for Those Who Like Adventure

When it comes to men, they love adventure. So why not try it out for a bachelor party. You can enjoy some adventurous activities with your buddies to get an exciting adrenaline rush. Skiing is a good experience if you want to share a unique trip with your friends in winter. White water Rafting, and Bungee Jumping are also some activities that you can get your excitement to the fullest. Waterpark, Go Karting, ZipLine, Shooting Range, SkyDive, Off Roading and Dune Bugging are some other ideas for those who want to enjoy their bachelor parties with a manly vibe.

2. Bachelor Party Ideas for Those Who Like Outdoors

Outdoor functions are always exciting, so it would be a good idea for those who want to hold the bachelor party in a different manner. Fishing Trip or arranging a Camping trip would be great to spend your last hours of celibacy. Further you can rent a Cabin or a RV to relax with your friends in a beautiful outdoor location.

3. Bachelor Party Ideas for Those Who Like To Drink/Party

Who wouldn’t love to drink when holding a party? – especially when it comes to a bachelor party. It’s obvious that drinking and partying is unlikely to not happen but for those who want to mainly focus on these two, it’s very easy to arrange a novel version of bachelor parties. Clubs, Bars and Bar Crawls are undoubtedly some places where you can go for this. Whiskey Tasting or a Brewery Tour would be a totally new idea to hold a bachelor party. Music Festivals and Concerts are also occasions where you can enjoy a lot.

4. Bachelor Party Ideas For Those That Like Sports

Golf is a game that the gentlemen can enjoy and watching UFC would also work. Going to a local game can strengthen the bond with your colleagues.

5. Bachelor Party Ideas For Those That Like To Travel

Booking destination getaway, renting a beach house or a yacht, going on a road Trip, and visiting Las Vegas are some of the greatest ideas you can have for a bachelor party as a passionate traveler.

6. Bachelor Party Ideas for Those that Like Stripping, But Hate Strip Clubs

If you do want to include strippers, but HATE strip clubs – the best thing you can do is to go for Private strippers that will come directly to your room or airbnb.

Private in-room strippers are slowly growing in popularity over strip clubs in Las Vegas 2022. Private stripper events offer adult entertainment via stripteases, erotic games, exotic private dances, and other themed party events in the privacy of your own room, suite, or rented home. Choose the dancers you want, the music you want to play, the people you want there, our costs is preset, the package are customizable, all in the comfortability of your own spot! Hiring private-in room models allows you to enjoy the moment with the performers YOU want, doing all kinds of the fun erotic games, private showings and toy play, and pretty much anything else you desire. We try to be extremely accommodating her at Vegas Stripper Party (VSP).

Vegas In Room Bachelor party strippers

How To Avoid Getting Scammed By Strippers In Las Vegas

So you’re in Las Vegas and want to have some fun? Las Vegas in-room strippers are one of the must-see attractions. But then things start to go a little bit sideways. Maybe the dancers ask for more money or don’t seem to follow through on their promises. Before you know it, you’ve been scammed by a stripper! Don’t let this happen to you; here are some tips for avoiding getting ripped off by strippers in Las Vegas.

Let’s get started!

Avoid Bait and Switch Tactics

You need to be careful if you plan on hiring a Las Vegas stripper in-room for some entertainment. Bait-and-switch scams entice you with pictures of beautiful women but send you someone entirely different. Don’t be disappointed or scammed by fake photos on the agency’s website. Is the group of entertainers pictured together? Do they look like they’re actually in a Las Vegas hotel room? If not, move on to another agency.

Find a Reputable Stripper Agency

Booking strippers for a Vegas bachelor party requires a reputable agency to avoid scams. You will find many fly-by-night companies taking your money and not delivering.

You’re getting what you paid for when you book through a reputable agency. Your strippers will arrive on time and perform as agreed. 

Look For Customer Reviews

When hiring Las Vegas strippers to your room, check customer reviews first to ensure your money is spent wisely. This way, you can get a feel for whether or not they’re worth the money.

Additionally, you should search for any publications that have featured the business. It is a good way to determine the quality of their performances.

Avoid Cards and Flyers

Flyers and cards on the Strip might offer you free drinks or lap dances if you visit Las Vegas. You should beware of these offers as they are often scams. 

Beautiful women will ask for your phone number or email address in exchange for a free drink. You’ll be charged an exorbitant fee for drinks or lap dancing once you give her your details. Even just sitting in the club may cost you. 

Pre-Book Strippers

You might want to experience everything Las Vegas offers while you’re there. It includes seeing a show or two and, of course, visiting a strip club. There are a lot of scams that take place in Vegas strip clubs. It is why it’s important to pre-book your  Vegas in-room strippers at least 24 to 48 hours in advance. 

Secure Your Data

If you ever ask for your credit card or bank account information, refuse and walk away. Many scammers in Las Vegas will try to take advantage of tourists, so it’s important to be aware of these dangers. For your privacy, we will not contact you with communications about your personal information.

Health Safety Measures During Stripper Performance

It is always VSP’s top priority to keep you healthy and safe. The following measures are taken to ensure your safety while performing:

Creating Fake Bills

In some of our more intimate adult games, we use fake money bills to avoid spreading germs to our clients and ourselves. As a result, you won’t have to worry about getting sick while playing the game.

Hand Washing

Every time we head out to a party or count money, we wash our hands to protect ourselves from bacteria and other contaminants that may cause illness. 

Clean Lingerie, Outfits, and Toys

We take cleanliness and safety seriously at our parties. We always wear new lingerie and rotate our toys between parties. This way, we never bring in any potential germs from previous events. Plus, we lay fresh sheets on the floor to protect ourselves and avoid messing up. Since your bachelor will be on the floor with us for most of the show, we strive to make the area comfortable and clean for everyone.

Clean Dancer

To ensure that our dancers are clean and prepared for their shifts, they shower and prepare just hours before the event.

We also take precautions since our Vegas in-room strippers perform in a nude and high-contact environment. We only plan to offer “air dances” and do not plan not to allow touching.

Private las vegas strippers the go to your hotel room

15 Tips For Booking A Stripper Direct To Your Hotel In Las Vegas

Think Las Vegas, and what comes to mind? Gambling, bright lights, and of course, strippers. If you’re looking to add extra excitement to your trip, booking a Las Vegas in-room strippers directly to your hotel is the way to go. You can enjoy all kinds of exotic dancers, so there’s no need to worry about not getting the right type for your party. 

This blog post will discuss tips on ensuring you have an enjoyable and memorable experience in Las Vegas. Just make sure you have some privacy because these babes can get naughty! 

Let’s get started!


1- Transportation/Convenience

Taking transportation and convenience into account when booking a Las Vegas in-room stripper for a private performance in your hotel room is vital. You may consider booking a stripper to stay at the same hotel as you. This way, you won’t have to worry about transportation or changing places. 


2- Dancer Selection 

Dancer selection is a great tip when you book a stripper directly to your hotel in Las Vegas. You can usually find various girls to choose from, and it’s a great way to add some spice to your vacation. Just ensure you’re comfortable with the girl you select and that she is willing to do what you want. Otherwise, it could turn into a very costly mistake.


3- Stripper Pricing

When you book a Las Vegas stripper to your room through an agency, you are typically charged a standard rate plus a tip. However, the pricing is usually just a service charge when you book a stripper directly to your hotel room. Direct booking of your stripper can save you money over agency bookings.


4- Party Env

Ask about the Party Env package if you are looking to book Strippers to my room in Las Vegas for a private party. You can have the stripper come directly to your hotel room, and the party will be even more fun!


5- Avoid Using Classifieds or Directory Websites

When booking Vegas bachelor party strippers, avoid using classifieds or directory websites. There are many of these websites that offer low-quality services. It is always best to book through a reliable source that you can trust. You can be assured of receiving the best service.


6-  Watch Out for Street Promoters

Las Vegas street promoters often offer strip club access and transportation “deals” when planning a night out. Many of these offers are not legitimate and can cost you more in the long run. It’s always best to book your strippers directly to your hotel. 


7- Watch Out for VIP Hosts

You should watch out for VIP hosts when booking a stripper to visit your hotel room in Las Vegas. You may be charged exorbitant fees or, even worse, get subpar service from these people. Ensure a good experience by booking with a reputable company.


8- Avoid Fake Social Media Pages

Beware of fake social media pages when booking a Las Vegas in-room stripper. Many fake pages are created by scammers looking to take your money without delivering on their promises. To avoid being scammed, only book strippers from trusted sources.


9- Beware of Pimps in Las Vegas

Strippers that come directly to your hotel in Las Vegas may be pimped. The Pimp will often pose as an independent stripper to exploit unsuspecting customers in reputable agencies.


10- Avoid Scam Artists

Avoid scam artists if you want a stripper to perform in your Las Vegas hotel room. A scam artist may ask for payment upfront, refuse to provide information about themselves or their company, and be evasive about pricing and services.

11- Affiliate warning

There’s a chance that the stripper you see in the pictures may not be the one who arrives at your hotel room. Direct booking with a strip club is best, as you will be guaranteed to get the stripper you see in the photos.

12- Leave the Strippers at the Club

Even though it seems like a good idea at the time, it is not worth the hassle and potential drama that can accompany it. Rather than worry about what happens when the stripper leaves, you are better off enjoying Las Vegas strip clubs.

13- Use Licensed Stripper Agency

When booking a stripper in Las Vegas, it’s best to use a licensed agency. Thus, you can ensure that the stripper you are hiring is professional and will provide an enjoyable experience. Plus, it’s always good to support licensed and regulated businesses.

14- Don’t fall for Bad Websites

You must be aware of bad websites when you book Las Vegas bachelor party strippers. You may be overcharged or not receive the stripper you originally booked on some sites. Ensure you book with a reputable place to avoid disappointments.

15- Payment Methods

When booking a stripper for a private show in your hotel room, remember a few things. First, always use a credit card. It is the safest way to ensure you will not be ripped off. Secondly, tip generously. The stripper will appreciate it, and you will get a better show. 

Finally, remember that the Las Vegas in-room stripper is there to entertain you. Don’t be a creep and make her uncomfortable. If you follow these tips, you will have a great time.

Private Stripper Parties in Las Vegas

Are Private Vegas Stripper Parties Replacing Strip Clubs In 2022?

Think private Vegas stripper parties are just a fantasy? Think again! Your hotel room can be converted into a strip club for your private party with hot strippers. You have control over the music playing, and the girl will do all kinds of adult games and dancing. It’s the perfect way to celebrate a bachelor party or enjoy a naughty night with your closest friends with Las Vegas in-room strippers!

What is a Las Vegas Stripping Party?

A trip to Las Vegas isn’t possible without a party. Whether you’re looking for a wild night out on the town or a more tame evening in, there’s something for everyone. However, if you’re looking for something unusual, you might want to check out Vegas bachelor party strippers.

Put simply; it’s a party where people get together to strip down to their skivvies and have a good time. No, this isn’t a sex party (although anything goes if you’re comfortable with that). Instead, it’s just a group of people getting together to have fun.

What is the Average Cost of a Night Out at a Strip Club?

Assuming you’re talking about a night out at one of the more popular clubs, you can expect to spend around $200-$300. It includes the cover charge, drinks, and tips for the dancers. Depending on how extravagant you are, you can easily spend over $1,000. However, most people don’t spend nearly that much.

How Much Does a Private Stripper Party Cost?

A few factors will affect the price, including the number of people in your party, the length of time you want the stripper to perform, and any special requests you may have.

Generally, you can expect to pay around $1000-$2000 for a private Vegas in-room stripper. This price includes the stripper’s fee and any tips you may want to give them. A larger group or extended performance may result in a higher price.

In-room strippers: What are the perks?

Having a bachelor party stripper in your room can provide much-needed confidence boosts or a fun night out without leaving your home. Here are some of the perks of choosing a private stripper over a strip club:


Las Vegas strippers to your room offer convenience if you’re looking for a fun, playful evening out. They offer the ease of not having to leave your hotel room, and you can avoid lines and transportation requirements. In addition, you will be able to enjoy the luxury of a private performance!

Dancer Selection

Choosing In-room strippers over strip club offer a unique and thrilling experience you can’t find anywhere else. Choosing your favorite dancer is one of the most exciting aspects of these shows. Choosing an attractive person who will give you a fantastic performance is more leisurely.


One of the great things about in-room strippers is that they can provide a comfortable environment for you to enjoy their services. It means you won’t have to worry about feeling out of place or uncomfortable in a public setting. You can relax and enjoy the show in the comfort of your room.

Extraneous Costs

If you’re thinking about going to a strip club, you should know that there are some extraneous costs that you’ll have to incur. These include transportation costs, cover charges, and the cost of drinks and food. Strippers to my room in Las Vegas don’t have these exact costs, which can benefit you if you’re on a budget.

Better Overall Experience

In-room strippers provide a better overall experience than going to a strip club. It is because you can get a private show in your room without dealing with the crowd at a club. You also don’t have to fret about getting kicked out of a club for being too drunk or rowdy. Gentlemen’s clubs are an essential part of the nightlife scene in Las Vegas. Read the tips if you are unsure how to behave in a strip club.

Naked sushi las vegas

Nyotaimori Naked Sushi – An Exotic Dining Experience

Want to have an exotic sushi experience? If you want to make your event memorable and exciting, there is nothing better than trying the Japanese culture of serving Sushi. 

Sounds different?  To learn more about this unique concept of Nyotaimori naked sushi, read on until the end.

What is Nyotaimori?

Nyotaimori is a Japanese tradition of serving Sushi on the female body. This way is also known as naked Sushi because a naked female model is used as a serving platter for Sushi. Often, a male body is also used to serve the Sushi, but it will be called ‘Nantaimori.’

Is it Naked Sushi Hygienic?

Usually, people have this concern regarding Sushi being served like this. Though, it entirely depends on the management and establishment of the restaurant or service. Likewise, any accredited naked sushi service should maintain strict checks and measures to ensure health standards. Furthermore, to ensure everything is clean and hygienic before serving to the guests, the model is bound to wash thoroughly with unscented soap.

What are the Procedures Involved in Nyotaimori Naked Sushi?

Generally, in the traditional Nyotaimori way, the model (regardless of male or female) is expected to lay on the serving table without moving and is deterred to have conversations with the guests – unless the guest initiates. 

Subsequently, the Sushi is placed on the sanitized palm leaves placed on the flat body parts so that the Sushi won’t roll down. Nyotaimori body Sushi is considered an artistic way of serving food and is enjoyed in different parts of the world.

Typically, sake and champagne are served in such restaurants. Guests and visitors must maintain the restaurant’s respectful behavior and strict etiquette. Inappropriate gestures or disrespectful comments to the models are strictly prohibited, and guests are only allowed to pick up the Sushi with chopsticks. 

History of Nyotaimori Body Sushi

The origin of Nyotaimori began in Wakamezake food play during the Edo period. Later, this practice was fueled by Japan’s economic growth in the 1960s, when spring resorts used this technique for advertising purposes.

Moreover, the practice became more popular in the 1980s when various catering establishments frequently adopted it as an exotic attraction. 

Experience the Exotic Dining Experience of Nyotaimori Body Sushi with a Vegas Stripper Party!

You can experience a unique dining experience with our Nyotaimori naked Sushi. We present Japanese culture most elegantly and classically by using the fresh ingredients daily. Our chefs ensure to get the best for your dinner table.

Get our services for the following events:

  • Event catering
  • Suite party
  • Private venue

What Nyotaimori Packages do We Offer?

You can choose from the variety of Nyotaimori packages that we are offering, including:

Ready for the exciting party? Book with us now to have fun weekends and weekdays.

Private in-room stripper events are better than the strip club

Private Stripper Parties in Las Vegas 2022

Private in-room strippers are slowly growing in popularity over strip clubs in Las Vegas 2022. Private stripper events offer adult entertainment via stripteases, erotic games, exotic private dances, and other themed party events in the privacy of your own room, suite, or rented home. Choose the dancers you want, the music you want to play, the people you want there, our costs is preset, the package are customizable, all in the comfortability of your own spot! Hiring private-in room models allows you to enjoy the moment with the performers YOU want, doing all kinds of the fun erotic games, private showings and toy play, and pretty much anything else you desire. We try to be extremely accommodating her at Vegas Stripper Party (VSP).

Reasons why Private in-room Strippers Parties are Better than Strip Clubs.

If you’re debating whether a hiring in-room strippers to host your nightly activities via a private (insured and accredited) entertainment company would be a better fit than paying the premium prices set at strip clubs, here are some facts that will hopefully put your mind at ease.

Cost of The Service

It is not surprising that Las Vegas Private Stripper is cheaper than a strip club. In the strip club, you will have to compete and pay to get the dancers attention. This type of entertainment is not personalized to what you want as a consumer. Most people end up paying more than they bargained for for mediocre dances, overpriced drinks, cover charges, food, and transportation.  Private, in-room stripper parties allow you to set the cost beforehand. No surprises here; what you want is what you get.

The Convenience

We come to you. Prices are set in advance. You control the girls you want, the people you want, the music that plays, the drinks and food purchased, the packages you want to include; basically the whole vibe. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Dancer Selection

Private-in-room services give you a chance to select the dancer you prefer. You can access the actual photos of the dancers to make the selection within our site. A private party host who is well connected can provide you with the full-private stripper experience.

Private in-room Party Provides a Party Environment

Strip clubs are crowded. They can be gross, unsanitary, and honestly a little sad depending on when you go…

Private in-room stripper services allows you to set the mood you want, in the comfortability of your own room, suite or rented home, surrounded by the mates you feel most at ease with! Pretty much a guarantee that you’re gunna have yourself a fun, eventful night.



Bachelor Party Strippers for private in room entreatment in las vegas

How to Maximize your Vegas Bachelor Party Trip in 2022

Who is Las Vegas Stripper Party?

Vegas Stripper Party, VSP, is Las Vegas’ BEST private, in-room stripper entertainment service. VSP has the hottest entertainers in Las Vegas. Our team will come straight to your hotel suite or house. Specializing in EPIC bachelor parties, birthday celebrations, sporting and company events and MORE. Full legal and state licensed. Our staff get COVID tested weekly. We can’t wait to party!

Benefits of hiring Las Vegas Private Strippers

Girl Selection

It’s one of the biggest pros when booking Las Vegas Strippers for a bachelor party. With private strippers, you can see and select the girls and advance to come to your hotel room. You get the exact type of girl you want compared to the strip club, where girls are often dividing their attention with other guests.


With a private stripper party, the environment is generally more intimate and safer. The girls will focus on showing you a great time. You make the experience as you want. You control the music you want to listen to and even the number of people. In a stripper club, you have no control.


A private stripper provide a more personalized and intimate experience for a Las Vegas stripper bachelor party than in a strip club. You have more control on how you want the strippers to perform.  Play sexy interactive games, enjoy erotic toy shows, or experience a fetish shower with strippers in the privacy of your own controlled space. At strip clubs, you will be at the mercy of what the venue will allow.

What’s Cheaper

Private strippers may sound expensive, but that is not necessarily true. With strip clubs, Alcohol usually costs more. Be prepared to ask in advance what the drink prices are so you know what you are getting into. With private strippers, you are in full control of the setting and the drinks. All add-ons are optional, and you won’t need to pay a premium on alcohol to have a good time. After all, Las Vegas strip clubs need to be profitable and cover the cost of the venue and the entertainer, and you will be the one paying for it. Generally, you will find yourself spending more on unnecessary things in a strip club than in your private room.

Customer Safety And Privacy Paramount

Customer safety and privacy are of paramount importance to us. That’s why we always take special care of our customer’s safety and privacy. If you have any questions regarding photos, rates, and more, don’t hesitate to call, email or text us. Our team will answer your every question. It is our responsibility to satisfy you completely by removing any questions and concerns you may have. We will take full care of your privacy and security.

In Room, Private Stripper Parties for your Las Vegas Bachelor Party

The gentleman’s club is set up to entice you. It’s a promising spot to be if you’re seeking for an open-ended good time surrounded by alcohol, flashing lights, deafening music, and insanely attractive, half-naked women. The large buildings with no windows and winding staircases are designed to be attractive, flashy distractions that make you forget the concept of time and how much money you have spent so far.

Because of their secluded and exclusive atmosphere, gentlemen’s clubs were once a favorite site for bachelor celebrations. However, in light of recent events, particularly the pandemic, these settings have become less appealing to partygoers seeking more safety and privacy in their gatherings. Instead, they’re choosing for in-room stripper parties, which provide a safer and more comfortable environment for anyone who wants to have a good time.

What are private, In-Room strippers? Strippers who come to your private suite or room to do their show are known as private, in-room strippers. Each in-room stripper package is different and offers a number of benefits. Check out our Bachelor Strippers Las Vegas packages for additional information and to book your service right away!

Getting Ready for the In-Room Stripper Party

You don’t have to think too hard about it! Come in with a relaxed mood and a warm and friendly demeanor. You can relax and enjoy the show because our entertainers are highly pleasant and good at starting intriguing conversations.

It is customary, as it is in every gentleman’s club, to bring some cash. The ATMs near the clubs and hotels frequently demand a fee to withdraw money, and it is considered disrespectful to arrive without cash. This is because most performers rely solely on gratuities to make a living.

Our artists would also appreciate a clean bathroom where they can store their bags and other gear. Everything else will be taken care of by us! Our artists will arrive with a large number of singles, speakers, toys, and lingerie (and maybe even some surprises).

The Bachelor Strippers Las Vegas Packages

Strip teases, lap dances, kinky toys, sexy games, and more are all included in our fully nude Bachelor Strippers Las Vegas packages. Meanwhile, we make certain that we have the hottest, sexiest, and most naughty girls in Las Vegas ready to give your company a night to remember.  Starting at $1,000, our bachelor party package gets your bachelor front and center with all of the attention on him. All while the audience plays interactive games with the bachelor in the hot seat and gives him a stripper party he’ll never forget.